B2B Brands: Assert Your Expertise, Gather Leads with Virally

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There are many effective ways to gather leads for a brand. You can create a newsletter, hold a giveaway or set up a loyalty program. But one of the most effective tactics for B2B brands remains offer quality content, like a webinar or white paper, that users can download for free simply in exchange for giving you their email address. Not only is the customer not out anything, giving them quality content helps to establish your brand as an authoritative figure in the landscape of competitors. Of course, giving away this content is easier said than done. You need an effective way to house and distribute that content while still getting the vital info you need. Enter Virally.

Virally allows brands to create unique landing pages to house their valuable content. Once created, brand marketers simply share the link of the landing page (or embed the download option on their own site) and interested customers download it using their social accounts. Using this social graph info, marketers can gather information like names, email address and additional helpful data to aid in building their customer base. It even offers integration with services like MailChimp and Salesforce.

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