Amazon Introduces In-App Purchases

Last week, Amazon rolled out a new feature for app developers – in-app purchasing! On the 10th, Amazon announced the availability of its In-App Purchasing API to Android and Kindle Fire developers, opening up a world of marketing and conversion opportunities.

As Amazon details, the API allows app developers to provide users with digital content and subscriptions (such as in-game currency, expansion packs, upgrades and magazine issues). Just how much can the in-app purchases raise conversion? According to beta tester Storm8, it can be raised tenfold in just two months!

Fellow beta tester G5 Entertainment saw similar success. The company compared in-app purchases to the more common technique of offering lite and full versions of the same app, and found that with the in-app purchasing conversion rates and revenue on a per title basis went up.

Like Apple, Amazon will take 30% of each transaction, but even with the cut, beta users have seen growth in revenue and popularity.

Developers interested in adding the In-App Purchasing API can find additional information and tutorials on the Amazon Developers page. You can also view a brief intro video below.

What’s your reaction to Amazon’s in-app API release? WIll this give developers extra incentive to try to capture the Android, Kindle and Apple crowds? Will this inspire developers to continue to think one step ahead to offer goodies for in-app purchases? Share your thoughts with us!