9 Fun, But Distracting, Apps

With more than 500,000 apps at our disposal, it’s easy to become distracted and waste time on games and social networks. Still, we can’t seem to get enough of them! We’ve recognized and reviewed dozens of apps, and now we’ve put together a list of 9 of our favorite fun, but distracting, apps. (It would have been a list of 10 apps, but, well, we got distracted…)

So, pause Angry Birds for a moment and check out our list below.

mobile appsProse with Bros (free for iPhone/iPad) – You’re probably already addicted to Words with Friends, but have you tried Prose with Bros? This game lets you take on your friends in the ultimate test: Who can create the best, funniest sentence out of the 50 words given to you and your opponent. Other users weigh in on who said it best, and the person with the most votes for their sentence wins! You can also connect to Twitter and Facebook and share your hilarious creations with your friends and coworkers.

mobile apps8mm Vintage Camera ($1.99 for iPhone/iPad) – Become the director you always dreamed of with this vintage camera app. With 6 lenses and 5 filmstyles to choose from, you can create everything from a groovy ‘70s action flick, to a ‘40s noir, to a ‘20s silent film. You can even add a projector sound for authenticity. The downside of this app, of course, is that everything in your everyday life suddenly has the potential to be a film. George Lucas, eat your heart out!

mobile appscraftgawker (free for iPhone/iPad) – Always looking for inspiration for new projects? craftgawker allows you to search for, find and favorite crafts projects that have been submitted by other crafty folks. In addition to sharing projects and photos with via Facebook, Twitter and other networks, you can also shake your phone to have a random project appear. If you’re already addicted to Etsy, you’ll definitely be addicted to craftgawker.

mobile appsShowyou (free for iPhone/iPad) – Need to waste some time? Why not browse some of the best YouTube videos using Showyou? Showyou is a social network that allows you to watch YouTube videos that have been shared, liked and favorited by your friends in a format that is easy to use and navigate.

mobile appsHatchi ($0.99 for iPhone/iPad) – Do you long for the ‘90s? The days when you could shamelessly foster, nurture and display your virtual pets? Good news, now you can raise a virtual pet with your iPhone! Hatchi allows you to hatch, raise and care for a virtual pet, and all in that retro interface you grew accustomed to. If you’re not careful, though, you may find yourself just as distracted with this little guy as you were with your Tamagotchi.

mobile appsFotopedia Heritage (free for iPhone/iPad) – Boasting 30,000 incredible photos, this app takes you on a journey through the rest of the world, with gorgeous shots of people from countless cultures. You can share images via your favorite social networks and even create a wallpaper for your device using your favorite image.

mobile appsHamlet! (free for iPhone/iPad) – Literary geeks, rejoice! Your favorite tragedy has been turned into a fun and entertaining game! As the man from the future, you have the opportunity to battle bosses and save Ophelia from Claudius. It’s free to try and users have the opportunity to purchase and unlock the full version of the game.

mobile appsHouzz Interior Design Ideas (free for iPhone/iPad) – Do a bit of daydreaming, and plan some redecorating with the Houzz Interior Design Ideas app. It’s like having a personal interior designer at your fingertips. Browse over 200,000 photos of beautiful homes and save your favorites to inspire and give you guidance later.

mobile appsPiictu (free for iPhone/iPad) – Can’t get enough of photo-based social networks? We’ve got another to add to your list! Piictu allows you to converse with other users completely through photos. You can start a conversation, create a stream for others to submit their photos to or even start a game, all by posting a photo. You can even share your favorites with your tweeps and Facebook friends.

Do you have an app that you love even though it’s a total timesuck? Share it with us on Twitter! And check out our past app must-haves for more fun distractions.