6 Ways to Benefit From LinkedIn’s Publishing Platform



LinkedIn Publisher, the publishing platform that’s built into the LinkedIn website, recently became available for all users of the popular business networking destination.

Whether you’ve previously used other publishing platforms to have a wider reach in the business world or you’re thinking about getting your feet wet by giving LinkedIn Publisher a try, it’s important to know how you could benefit by using the publishing platform. Read below to get more details that could help persuade you if you’re not quite ready to take the leap.


Ability to Showcase Your Knowledge as an Industry Thought Leader

This publishing platform makes it simple for people to search for particular topics just by using the post search box. That means regardless of whether you’re trying to share the valuable things you have to say about the bioengineering industry or you’re ready to position yourself as a person who knows a lot about helping non-profit organizations hone their fundraising techniques, you could quickly be on your way to getting established as a thought leader.


Posts Could Go Viral

The publishing platform on LinkedIn is a great way to gain more influence as a content creator. There are some key elements of a compelling post, but sometimes it’s impossible to cultivate reader engagement by working on your own.

Consider asking some influential people in your network to contribute quotes for a piece you publish, and be sure to give them appropriate credit. This approach should not only increase your credibility, but also be beneficial for the people who offered their expertise.


Feel Confident About Taking a Stand

People are often afraid of being controversial because they don’t feel there’s an appropriate outlet available through which to start a discussion on a topic that could ruffle some feathers. Harness one clear benefit of LinkedIn’s publishing platform by using it to speak your mind about an issue that matters to you. In business, some people think they should avoid hot button topics altogether. However, having a willingness to boldly explore those subjects tends to command respect from peers.


Post About Whatever You (and Your Target Audience) Want to Read

It’ll be very hard to use LinkedIn Publisher to the fullest if you don’t already have a good idea of what kinds of posts your readers want to see from your business.

Hodgson Russ is a firm that specializes in corporate law. One look at the establishment’s LinkedIn profile shows the representatives have a firm grasp on how to create content that’s timely and relevant to the readers who’ll eventually digest it. Posts created on the publishing platform include subject matters such as New York residency audits, the potential legal implications of watching Netflix through a VPN client to circumvent geographical restrictions, and post-retirement medical benefits.

Follow that company’s lead by making a conscious effort to craft fresh content that catches the attention of your readers and holds their interest until the last word is read.


You Can Reach Niche Audiences More Quickly

LinkedIn has a massive and global online presence. That’s good news if you’re ready to write about something that’s relevant to your industry, but perhaps not a subject that would appeal to the masses.

Even if you weren’t using a publishing platform before LinkedIn Publisher, it may be possible to get thousands of pageviews within hours. That’s worthwhile, especially if your intention is to reach a small sector of your main audience.


You Might Rank Better in Search Engines

Good Google rankings for posted content is one of the major advantages of using Publisher on LinkedIn. Even though the platform is still in its early stages, content is reportedly ranking well and remaining that way over time.

You now know several perks you could enjoy by deciding to use LinkedIn Publisher, so try this publishing platform to further your online presence and your business goals.


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