6 Apps to Make that Business Trip Bearable

mobile apps, business tripsBusiness trips can be a huge pain to deal with. Let’s say you need to get a quick two days in New York City? Or maybe you’re trying to figure out where to stay in Tokyo at the last minute. Not only are you, often, traveling to a city you’re unfamiliar with, most of your time is consumed by meetings and conferences that you may not be thrilled about. Don’t worry, we’ve got 6 apps that will help you deal with those pesky business outings.

mobile apps, business tripsTripAdvisor – (Free for iOS and Android) – A handy app to have in any travel situation, TripAdvisor helps you find the best restaurants, hotels and things to do in a given city, all reviewed and suggested by actual travelers. Make the most of your business trip by finding the best the city has to offer.

mobile apps, business tripsTripIt – (Free for iOS and Android) – My inbox is nothing to envy. I can’t tell you how often I have to use the email client’s search function to track down an email. But, if I have to go out of town, this app will ensure that at least my trip-related emails are in order. It also keeps track of any travel points you may have earned and you can share trips with colleagues.

mobile apps, business tripsHotel Tonight – (Free for iOS and Android) – Sometimes business trips leave you with less-than-desirable digs, but that doesn’t mean you can’t upgrade at the last minute. Hotel Tonight shows you the best hotels that have open rooms so that you can score a great room for a great price. It’s also a handy tool if your planned lodging accommodations fall through.

mobile apps, business tripsUSB Disk Pro – (Limited time promo $0.99 for iOS) – Turn your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch into a portable hard drive. USB Disk allows you to transfer documents between devices and even other USB Disk users. It’ll also come in handy if your laptop decides to die on you while you’re out of town.

mobile apps, business tripsGate Guru – (Free for iOS and Android) – Airports can be endless mazes if you’re from out of town and unfamiliar with the layout and the restaurants and shops located in it. Fortunately, Gate Guru has broken it all down for you. Get wait times, flight status updates and easy-to-navigate maps all in one app.

mobile apps, business tripsBuzzword Bingo – (Free for iOS) – Finally, a fun app to save your sanity while you’re away. Business meetings are breeding grounds for buzzwords and jargon. Why not use those terms for pleasure instead of pain? Activate your iPhone’s bluetooth capabilities and share the fun with your colleagues. Synergy!

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