5 Tech Tools for Election Season 2012

Welcome to election season. For all the political junkies out there who live and breath polls and pundits, here’s a quick list of five tools for keeping up on the latest in presidential politics.

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NYTimes Election 2012

Available for iPhone and Android. Includes access to top 6 news stories. Subscription to nytimes.com required for full access.

The latest addition to the NYT mobile app artillery is a “one-stop destination for political news as it unfolds throughout the day.”

The app includes Top News, which is conveniently grouped by topic and includes information from the NYT and other sources. The Election Guide section features a database of polling results from different organizations, a primary calendar with details from each state, live election results and candidate pages that include updates, bios and statistics. You’ll also see a feed of editorials, op-eds and blog posts from the Times’ Opinion Pages, as well as videos and slide shows from the campaign trail.

mobile apps, electionmobile apps, election

Google+: Google Politics & Elections


To keep track of the election on Google+, form a Circle for all things politics. Toss in your favorite political news sources, bloggers and candidates (Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul and Barack Obama can all be found on G+), and you’ve got yourself a personalized feed for election news.

Also consider adding the Google Politics & Elections page, which focuses on publishing “impartial data and digital trends surrounding the political process.”

mobile apps, election


Available for iOS in the App Store.

RealClearPolitics.com is a Chicago-based independent political website that focuses on commentary, news, polling data and links to resources across the web. The same content is all available through their mobile app, which is broken down into Latest News, Popular Articles and Polls.

mobile apps, electionmobile apps, election

CNN Election Center for iPad

Available for iPad in the App Store

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Watch CNN shows live on your iPad, or head over to the Election Center for the latest political headlines, race results, slideshows and live coverage of major events. Easily share stories via Facebook, Twitter and email, or save them for offline viewing.



mobile apps, election

Votizen is a civic-minded web service that shows users how their social networking connections are registered to vote.  Users can also connect with like-minded voters and campaign for candidates via Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

According to their website, Votizen’s mission is “to create a new political currency based on voter-to-voter connections, reducing the influence of money and increasing the importance of relationships in civic engagement.”

The startup recently raised $750,00 in funding from big names like Sean Parker and Ashton Kutcher. As of March 1st, Votizen has 727,098 voters connected, and reports that 20,000 of those are active members.


Do you have a go-to app or website for staying up to date on election news? Share your favorite tools with us on Twitter or Google+.