5 Essential Road Trip Apps

The weather is getting warmer, the days are getting longer and the need for a vacation is getting stronger. As we approach vacation season, and your yearning for a good old fashioned road trip gets more intense, keep these 5 apps in mind to keep you entertained while you’re out on the road.

LocalEats ($0.99 for iPhone/iPad) – One of the most important elements of any road trip is seeking out the best food that city has to offer. Proudly displaying only the best restaurants in the world, LocalEats gives you directions, ratings, price ranges and even lets you call the restaurant. Definitely a great addition to your road trip kit.

City Maps 2Go ($1.99 for iPhone/iPad) – Taking the hassle out of getting around town, City Maps 2Go helps you navigate through the unknown. It also gives you points of interest and nearby hotels. It even gives you offline access to maps once you’ve downloaded them (a nice option for those of us with Wi-Fi only iPads and iPod Touches).

Hipster Bingo (Free for iPhone/iPad and Android) – Ah, hipsters. They never cease to be a source of entertainment. And this clever app makes spotting them a game. See someone sporting a fanny-pack while carrying a PBR? Take a quick pic and score two spots on your bingo card.

Postcard On The Run (Free for iPhone/iPad and Android) – Keep in touch with friends and family back home with this fun app. Postcard On The Run lets you take a photo and then turn it into a real postcard that you can send to whomever for just $0.99.

Fail Driver (Free for iPhone/iPad and Android) – Road trips are full of highways and, more often than not, terrible drivers. Don’t let road rage take over when that Ford Focus cuts you off, instead just ‘report’ that crummy diver using the Fail Driver app. You’ll get the frustration out of your system without succumbing to your middle finger. Just make sure your passenger does the reporting…safety first, after all.

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