5 Essential Apps for St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is one of the biggest bar-hopping holidays of the year. The local pubs, buses and subway terminals always end up flooded with groups ready to party. Looking for some apps to help you bring out your Irish roots, or, at the very least, your party animal? Here are 5 apps to help make this St. Patrick’s Day fun and safe.

st patrick's day appsCan I Drive Yet? ($0.99 for iPhone) – One of the biggest concerns with St. Patrick’s Day is partiers getting behind the wheel drunk. In an effort to prevent possible accidents, the makers of Can I Drive Yet? created this app, which helps the user calculate his or her blood alcohol volume.

st patrick's day appsHoliday Picture It! (Free for iPhone) – What’s funnier than taking a photo while decked out in St. Patty’s Day garb? Adding cheesy St. Patty’s Day clipart to it, of course! This free app will help turn your pub crawl photos into St. Patrick’s masterpieces.

st patrick's day appsUntappd (Free for iPhone) – Love beer? Love social networking? Behold, the Untappd app. Untappd allows you to track and rate beers, share them with friends, upload photos, check in and even use your location to see what brews are trending nearby. Even if you decide to spend the night at home, Untappd still lets you drink socially.

st patrick's day appsiBeer Free (Free for iPhone) – Not a drinker? Don’t want to miss out on the brew-based festivities? Fake it! This cool, free app displays a simulated glass of beer on your iPhone screen. Even better, it sloshes and moves as your phone does.

st patrick's day appsTaxi Magic (Free for iPhone) – If you end up too blitzed to make it safely home by yourself, this helpful little app makes calling a cab very simple. When getting a taxi is this simple, you truly have no excuse to stumble or drunkenly drive yourself home.


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