40% of SMBs Plan Digital Spending Hike for 2013

According to a survey of 300 SMBs from BIA/Kelsey, small to mid-sized businesses plan to increase digital marketing budgets in the coming months. To wrap up 2012, SMBs are using a multichannel approach to digital, with focus on social media, email, video and online advertising.

2013 SMB Digital Marketing Budgets

As of Q3 2012, 40% of small and midsize firms plan to increase their digital marketing spend in the next 12 months. Another 48% plan to maintain their current digital spending budget.

Multichannel Approach

The number of marketing channels used by SMBs has gradually increased over the past six years. The average number of digital media channels used in 2007 was 3.0, versus 5.8 in 2012.

Facebook was by far the most popular marketing channel in Q3 of 2012. While newspapers held their grip on SMBs, digital channels like email marketing, Google Places, video and online banners made some headway.

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