4 Ways to Make Mobile Optimized B2B Content

mobile optimized b2b content

We’re becoming a more mobile-minded culture. More and more, we’re using tablets and smartphones to accomplish tasks that used to be reserved for desktop computers, and that’s even crossing over into B2B content. Although PCs remain the most popular devices used for accessing content (68%), a significant portion of B2Bers surveyed by the CMO Council said they use smartphones (41%) and tablets (30%) to access content. That means that your white papers, webinars and ebooks stand a greater chance of being read on a device you didn’t necessarily design it for. In order to create mobile optimized B2B content, keep the following points in mind.

Take a one sheet approach.

Text-heavy content doesn’t really work well on devices like tablets and smartphones. Small screens and blocks of text don’t generally make for easy reading. Instead, you might want to take the one-sheet approach and just give enough information to get your reader interested and motivated to take action to learn more about you.

Include video.

Do you have a video interview or testimonial from a client or expert? Include that in your mobile content to help illustrate your point without taking up space with extra text. It will also be more powerful and stand out more, since it will be coming from a third party.

Emphasize important stats in a different font.

Offset important information, like stats and quotes, with a different color or font to make it stand out. This will attract the reader’s eye and help drive home the point of the post without actually taking up extra space or using extra text.

Link to call or email.

You want your content to be compelling enough (even in abbreviated state) to spur someone to take action. If that action is requesting a demo, calling to set up an interview or emailing you for more information, make sure that they can take that action directly from that screen. A simple “tap to email” or “tap for request” button will give readers the ability to get in touch with you directly.