4 Ways to Get More Out of Your AdWords Campaign

Adding an AdWords campaign to your pay-per-click strategy is a great way to bring more traffic to your site. Research has shown that sponsored results account for 64.6% of all clicks, and 89% of traffic generated by the search ads is new traffic outside of organic search. If your brand has already added AdWords to its strategy, you’ve probably got a handle on the basics. But there are a few ways to optimize your campaign that you may have overlooked. If your campaign isn’t performing as well as you had hoped, check out the following list and see if your campaign needs a little revision.

Avoid broad keywords

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The broader the keyword, the less chance that your ad will be seen by the audience you’re trying to target. Just by searching the keyword “safety,” you can see the range in ads, let alone the range in search results, that pop up. From this one word search, we get ads for products ranging from posters to gear to scanners. Improve your odds of being seen and reaching your audience by finding more specific keywords that are directly related to your product or service.

Check for possible keyword variations

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Although you don’t want to go too broad with your keyword choices, you do want to keep in mind that there are probably variations on your chosen keyword or phrase (e.g. iPad apps for kids, kids apps, apps for children, etc.). A quick Google search will help you identify them, and you can then research and determine how competitive a term is compared to its variation and decide what approach would be best for your campaign.

Understand the searcher’s intent and behavior

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When someone enters a search query, they have a goal in mind. If you can tap into that goal, you stand a better chance of converting a browser into a customer. That means giving the information you think the searcher is looking for. For example, the above search was for “Chicago Italian restaurant” and all of the ads served provided a brief description of the establishment, the address and the phone number, giving searchers everything they need to visit or make a reservation.

Ad copy needs to tie back to original search query

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Remember the idea of the searcher’s goal? If your ad copy doesn’t relate to that goal, you’re not going to convert searchers. In fact, your engagement and quality scores may even go down if users don’t think your ads are relevant to their queries. If your ad appears for a search query like “iPhone case,” but your ad copy deals more with signing users up for a wireless contract, you probably won’t get the clicks you want.

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