4 Types of Content That Build Value for Brands

On day number two of SES Chicago we made a point to stop Lee Odden‘s session, Optimizing B2B Content Across the Sales Cycle. Odden covered a number of insightful B2B content strategies, including a look at the various types of content marketers can use to build interest, drive traffic and ultimately, create value for users.

Content Types

Evergreen ContentEvergreen Content

Evergreen content is original content that will continue to drive traffic to your site over an extended period of time. While a news piece will eventually lose relevance, evergreen content maintains value over time. Here are a few examples of evergreen content:

Repurposed ContentRepurposed Content

E-books, white papers and research pieces take a significant amount of time and effort to produce. Repurposing or recycling these pieces helps get a few more miles out of the work you put in. For example:

  • turn long-form content from an e-book into a glossary-style blog post
  • summarize one section of a white paper in an email newsletter
  • reuse images as content for Pinterest, Facebook and other visual web platforms

Curated ContentCurated Content

If creating your own content is not an option, content curation (when done correctly) can be a quality alternative. Examples of curated content include:

  • a blog post with links to insightful stories about a given topic
  • a weekly email with links to important industry news
  • an article with brief commentary on relevant infographics

Co-created ContentCo-created Content

Co-created content is valuable for several reasons. Not only will you gain input from thought leaders in your industry, contributors are likely to share the piece with their own networks, significantly boosting the reach of your content. To build your own co-created piece, invite thought leaders to participate by tapping into your personal network, or by using a source like HARO. Here are a few examples of co-created content: