4 Examples of Great Holiday Content


Halloween has come to an end and if you are a marketer, you’re probably already hearing sleigh bells. That’s right- the biggest sales season of the year is right around the corner. Coming up with unique ideas for holiday content can be a real challenge when the world seems completely flooded with holiday-ginger-spice-themed-everything. To get you inspired, here are some examples of successful content campaigns.


JibJab “Elf Yourself”

JibJab is a digital entertainment studio that initially found fame creating viral political parodies. For several years, they have found more success selling customizable ecards. Some of their most successful ecards have focused on holiday content. JibJab users can add themselves and their friends to cards that place them in interactive holiday cards with names like “Elf Yourself” and “Santa’s Twerk Shop.” Doing a funny spin on classic holiday content is one way to differentiate yourself from the pack.


Quietroom “The Santa Brand Book”

Last year, the consulting firm Quietroom created a brand book… for Santa Claus. The satirical brand book poked fun at Christmas and the ad industry while serving as ¬†very effective tool to build Quietroom’s brand name. Sometimes standing out means playfully making fun of the conventions that define your product or industry.


Comcast “Yule Log On Demand”

Sometimes successful content is also simple content. For a few years now, Comcast has allowed their customers to view footage of a crackling Yule Log fire on-demand during the holiday season. For a brand that is not particularly well liked, fun holiday content can go a long way towards building at least a little good will.


Apple “Misunderstood”

If you can’t do funny content, touching works too. Last year, Apple released “Misunderstood” in which a teenager seems to caught up in his iPhone at the expense of family togetherness during the holidays. At the end of the piece, it is revealed that the teen was actually using his iPhone to record and edit a video of the family holiday to share with his loved ones. The ad hits on an emotional level and struck a chord with many who viewed it.


Whether you choose to create humorous, or touching content, or the rare content that does both, remember it’s important to create something unique that stands out from the pack.


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