4 Easy Ways to Get Your Facebook Page Ready for the Holidays

facebook holiday

The holidays are upon us! If you didn’t notice retailers’ drastic switch from Halloween costumes to Christmas music overnight, you’ve certainly noticed the holiday-related TV ads that have started popping up. If your brand’s Facebook page is still desperately holding onto summer or the first days of fall, we’ve got a few easy ways to prep your page for the holidays.

Post your holiday return policy.

facebook holiday

When your shopping list has you running to a variety of stores all over town, it can be difficult to keep the return policies straight. Anticipate your customers needs this season and create an easy to refer to return policy. To boost its visibility, create it as a graphic instead of just a Facebook note. You can even pin it to the top of your brand’s timeline following the holidays to ensure that customers and fans with questions can easily find it. Check out the great example from Homegoods.

Incorporate hashtags into creative.

facebook holiday

Have you created any holiday-themed hashtags for your brand? Make sure your fans know about them. Incorporate them into your cover photos and any other creative you might be sharing that’s holiday related. Macy’s and Toys R Us have already been experimenting with this idea. Speaking of cover photos…

Festive cover photos.

facebook holiday

Now’s the time to get into the holiday spirit and incorporate it into your cover photos. The more festive and creative, the better. After all, when fans find and ‘like’ your page for the first time, the first image they’ll be met with is your cover image. If you can incorporate more than one holiday into the image, you’ll also be able to use it for longer. Meijer has the right idea.

Post gift guides and suggestions.

facebook holiday

Create easily shareable images and posts that highlight gift ideas. This will promote engagement (in the form of likes, comments AND shares) and will also promote your products. Just make sure that your photo description includes shortened links to the product’s page to make the purchase process as easy as possible. Calphalon has created food and cooking-related gift themes that have been seeing great engagement.


Still looking for more ways to prep your Facebook page for the holidays? Check out our installment from last year for more ideas.