3 Ways to Embrace MMS Marketing

mms wide

Looking to give your text message marketing strategy a makeover? It may be time to add media-rich (mms) messages to your plan of action. A whopping 95% of phones can receive mms messages and 98% of all mms messages are opened and viewed. In addition to boasting those impressive open rates, they also encourage engagement with consumers in a way that sms promotions don’t. If you think it might be time to enhance your mobile marketing strategy, look below for some inspiration on how to achieve it.

Send out short, attractive video promotions

You probably don’t want to send out your tv ad spots, but this can be a great way share any original videos that you’ve shot that promote your brand, your employees or your products, especially if they’re entertaining, informative or funny. Keep them short, but experiment with the idea of mobile video promos and then assess how your audience responds to them.

Send out coupons in the traditional barcodes format

Coupon codes are so sms. Take the idea of mobile coupon offers to the next level by subbing them with barcode-bearing image coupons. Depending on your POS system, it can make it easier for sales associates to redeem and apply the discounts in store by just scanning them. These coupons are an excellent way to get customers in stores.

Send out a promotional product image for a sale or product launch

Ready to launch your spring line of shoes? Why not send out a promotional image highlighting these fresh styles, along with a link redirecting recipients to their product pages. Why tell what you can just as easily show?

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