3 Reasons Why Kohl’s Royal Real-Time Marketing Promo Worked

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Since Oreo scored a touchdown with its timely Super Bowl social messaging, brands everywhere have had real-time marketing and newsjacking on their radar. What a lot of them fail to realize is that a lot of work has to go on behind the scenes to make it look effortless and timely. As a result, many attempts have fallen short and either failed to be timely or failed to be effective. So, when a recent real-time email blast caught our attention for the right reasons, we had to take a look at what made it work so well. Here’s how Kohl’s celebrated the birth of Prince George.

kohls email blast


Here’s what made it stand out to us:

Cohesive (and appropriate) color scheme

It probably would have been easier for the creative team to choose a traditionally gender neutral color scheme, especially since it was a mystery as to whether the royal baby would be a boy or a girl. Instead, they took the time to create a scheme that would be specific for the birth of a prince (and, presumably, a scheme that would have been specific for the birth of a princess). Adding that personal touch (and the “It’s a boy!” line just below the subject) makes it seem more timely than a blast that would’ve been more general. The cohesiveness of the blast and the promotion itself illustrate the time and consideration that was put into them.

Incorporation of a variety of products

The fact that the sales promotion was spurred by a birth might imply that the sale only applied to baby products. To illustrate the storewide nature of the sale, and highlight products available, the creative team made a point to include items from different departments, including children’s clothing, dishes and luggage. This worked to attract a wide variety of shoppers, and get them to head over to the site.

Great send time

This particular blast arrived in my inbox a little after 7 pm CDT on Monday evening, which was a good decision. Although the birth was announced earlier in the day, many of Kohl’s subscribers and customers were probably still at work. Had they sent it right at that moment, the blast probably would have gotten fewer immediate clicks and conversions. By delaying the send time, the marketing team made it available to customers who were most likely at home, and had both the desire and the freedom to shop.

Did you notice other brands effectively leveraging the royal birth as an opportunity to newsjack or real-time market? Share them with us!