3 Promotion Tactics for a Successful Crowdfunded Project

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You can launch as many projects on Kickstarter as you like, but if you don’t get the word out about them, you won’t stand a chance of meeting your goal. The more active your campaign is, the more likely it is to get funded, but to build activity around it, there are a few tactics you should embrace. If you haven’t already, add these to your crowdfunding toolbox.

Personal outreach to approachable influencers

No matter what industry your brand is in, there are probably plenty of influencers you can reach out to to help spread the word about your campaign. Do some research and identify bloggers, experts and authorities who are equal parts influential and approachable. Guy Kawasaki probably won’t notice your request for retweets, but tech bloggers probably will. Depending on the relationship you start to build, you could get anything from a retweet to a dedicated blog post. Be sure to show your appreciate for their effort, and repay them in some way. Get schooled in Blogger Outreach 101 here.

Email marketing to your established email list

You’ve already got a base of customers — USE them to drum up support for your campaign! Create an intriguing quick pitch that you can include in an email message to that audience. You might even consider embedding your campaign’s video in the body of the email itself. Regardless, include links to your campaign page with direct calls to action, inciting readers to donate now! If you decide to reach out to them first, use a VIP or early bird incentive to get them even more excited about contributing.

YouTube annotations asking for donations

Do yourself a favor and make sure that your campaign video is posted on YouTube. With the annotations feature, you can easily add a box that appears in-video and asks viewers to donate now, linking back to your campaign page. Just make sure that your keywords for your brand, your industry and your project are identified and highlighted in your video title and description, making it easier for viewers and potential donors to find and view it. You can learn more about the annotations feature here.

What techniques have you identified that helped get your crowdfunded project noticed, promoted and funded? Share them with us in the comments below.