Blogger Outreach 101

blogger outreach

Product reviews, interviews and guest posts are all great opportunities to spread the word about your brand. They’re also great ways to make valuable connections with bloggers that fit in with and speak to your target audience. Unfortunately, there are thousands of bloggers out there who get approached every day to do projects for brands, making it hard for brands to stand out in the sea of requests. Don’t get intimidated, though, you can easily take on this task and get noticed in the right way. Here’s what to do.

Don’t waste money on buying lists of email leads.

You know the audience you’re trying to reach better than anyone else, so it doesn’t make sense to buy a list of bloggers that’s curated by someone else. Instead, take the time to research and find active blogs run by bloggers who would be open to the opportunity you’re proposing. Although a Google search will probably help you turn up several results, if you find a blog that perfectly fits what you’re looking for, look and see if they have a blogroll that lists other bloggers that share their point of view.

Do your research before reaching out.

While you’re doing your research, take note of the blogger’s preferred contact method and follow it as closely as possible. If they are specific about the opportunities they’re open to, take note of those, too. You’re essentially asking these bloggers for a favor, so you need to approach them on their terms.

Don’t be generic with your approach.

You might be reaching out to multiple bloggers at the same time, but don’t give them that impression. Use each individual correspondence as a chance to introduce yourself, but also to illustrate that you’re familiar with their work and demonstrate why your opportunity would be excellent for them. Be personable, polite and to the point. They undoubtedly get dozens of requests along these lines every week, if not every day. You need to make sure that yours stands out for all the right reasons.

What can you do in return for them?

Bloggers are busy people. Chances are they’re either juggling their site with another job, or focusing full-time on growing and improving their online space. They’ve also probably got a plan for future posts already laid out, so you need to make it worth their while to accept your request. What can you do to return the favor? Offer them some social shoutouts? Offer them a free product?

Use, use, use that content.

You and the blogger both went through the trouble of creating content that you can use, so make sure you use it as much as possible. Share it often via your social networks, reuse quotes and content in future projects (if possible), and save their contact info should other opportunities come up that could use their expertise.

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