3 Great Outlets for Healthcare Facility Content Marketing

Healthcare Facility Content Marketing

In the past, we’ve addressed how healthcare brands can use social media to boost their audience and digital presence, but when it comes to digital marketing, social media just isn’t enough. It isn’t easy to come up with unique content marketing tactics for healthcare brands, but if used well, they can help showcase your expertise, your facility and your availability. We did some searching and found some informative and interesting work in the realm of healthcare facility content marketing. Look to their examples for inspiration.


Healthcare Facility Content Marketing - podcasts

What better way to show expertise and connect with patients on a more personal level than to create a podcast? The Mayo Clinic and Cleveland Clinic have been embracing the digital audio medium for awhile now, and have been exploring it in really interesting ways. Both facilities bring on resident physicians to talk about a variety of health issues, from diabetes to meningitis. The format is easily digestible, very informative and definitely easier to read than an excerpt from a medical journal.

Smartphone Apps

Healthcare Facility Content Marketing - apps

Not sure if your child’s symptoms are serious enough to warrant a trip to the doctor’s office? Need help finding hospital and specialist services? Thanks to the St. Louis Children’s Hospital and the Boston Children’s Hospital, there’s an app for each of those scenarios. The Kid Care app from St. Louis Children’s Hospital allows parents to navigate through symptoms and tells them when they should be concerned or schedule an appointment. The Boston Children’s Hospital My Way app allows users to navigate through the hospital’s services and allows them to find services, physicians and even access the patient portal. Both apps gives users essential info at their fingertips.

YouTube Channels

Healthcare Facility Content Marketing - youtube

The Boston Children’s Hospital and Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital YouTube channels give a more intimate look into the world of each hospital. Special services are highlighted, patient stories are shared and procedures are explained, all via video. The channels help create a connection between potential/current patient and healthcare facility, all through interesting, engaging content.

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