3 Essential Blogger Outreach Tools

blogger outreach tools

Whether you’re trying to gather a group of potential beta testers or trying to spread the word about a project, bloggers can be an incredible asset to have. Of course, it’s not the easiest task trying to find the right ones. While buying a list is definitely out of the question, having a few tools at your disposal can help you build a list on your own, filled with contacts you know will speak to your target audience. Before starting your campaign, use these blogger outreach tools to build and refine your list.

Google Blog Search

Although this tool sits in front of us every time we do a Google search, it’s also extremely easy to overlook. Start by going to the Google Blog Search main page, and then using keywords that will help you find the bloggers you want. After clicking search, you can narrow your results by clicking on Search Tools and selecting Homepages from the first dropdown menu. This will ensure that the entire blog itself is relevant for the keywords you searched for, not just a single post. From there, take your time and peruse the results but always keep an eye out for the date of the most recent post.


Triberr is the place where bloggers and influencers come together and share content, making it easy for you to search for ones who fit your target audience. Just search for keywords that fit your campaign’s needs and then browse the results. Triberr also offers influencer marketing campaigns that allow agencies to partner with influencers to promote products and services.


BlogDash is the self-proclaimed blogger outreach network. Agencies and brands can sign up and search through the directory of PR-friendly bloggers who might be open to their proposals. Users can narrow the search through a variety of filters and then pitch bloggers they’re interested in.

Now that you have the tools you need, learn all about blogger outreach 101.