3 Brands Flexing Their Creative Muscles on Vine

vine wide

Things are starting to get interesting over in the Vine space. More and more brands are claiming their handles, and although they haven’t posted any videos yet, it shows that they’re ready to embrace the space once they’ve created a strategy. While some of the Vine creations are still rather simplistic (and, at times, crude), we’ve seen glimpses of creativity — even from brands! Here are three brands that are taking the challenge of Vine to heart.


Yes, we admit it, we love Freddie and the MailChimp crew, and that love includes the brand’s sense of humor, which has shown through in blog posts, tweets and photos, and the brand’s Vine video above is no exception. With tongue firmly planted in cheek, the MailChimp crew combines Freddie the mascot with the adorable “Maddie on things” meme for six seconds of brilliance. Does the video sum up with personality of the brand (and its team)? Absolutely.


New product highlight? Check. Fun question to engage fans? Check. A creative concept? Check. Although it could use refining, Gap’s video makes the most of the stop-motion nature of Vine and highlights interesting shots of the models and their Skimmers.

Rolling Stone magazine

So far, Rolling Stone has been using Vine creations as a way to drum up interest surrounding its cover stories. This video features a fun reveal of the current cover story and another Vine featured fun behind-the-scenes antics during the cover photo shoot. It will be interesting to see if RS continues to use Vine to build anticipation for future issues, or begins to adapt it for other uses.

Have you stumbled across brands that are also using Vine well? Share them with us!