20th Century Fox Creates Buzz with Mariachi My Tweets



Hollywood is awash in sequels, adaptations, and “expanded universe films.” From a marketing standpoint, this makes some sense. It’s easier to sell people on a product they already know and trust. Part of the success of fast-food chains stems from the fact their food is always exactly the same wherever you go. When a Hollywood studio decides to take a chance on a new idea, they need to put in more work to sell it to the movie-viewing public. 20th Century Fox’s film “The Book of Life” falls into the category of “new idea that needs more work to sell tickets.”


Wednesday night, “The Book of Life’s” Twitter feed was taken over by a Mariachi band, Mariachi Los Toros. By utilizing the hashtag #mariachimytweets, the band set dozens of fan tweets to music, engaging users and building awareness of a brand that has very little awareness to begin with.


Why does “Mariachi My Tweets” Work?


  1. It’s fun. It’s a fun, original idea. The music is catchy, and it engages fans in a fairly unique way. Putting a tweet to music is silly in the best way possible.
  2. It fits the branding. The film is about the Mexican holiday “Dia De Los Muertos”, or the Day of the Dead, and utilizing a traditional mariachi band to promote the movie fits perfectly with the film’s branding.
  3. It’s different. There are not a ton of brands using Twitter to create music. Hashtag marketing is incredibly common now, but 20th Century Fox has touched on a very unique way to use it.


While building awareness for a new brand can be challenging, doing something different and creative is a great way to find success. The Mariachi My Tweets campaign has shown one unique way to achieve this kind of success.


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