Throw Wildly Successful Events to Get Your Brand Recognized

Learn how to stage an event to build your brand’s recognition and engage your followers.

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5 Tips to Landing Big Clients (Even if You’re a Startup)

Every small business owner dreams of landing a series of “known” clients. However, it’s easier said than done. Read on to learn five ways to snag a client!

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Launching a startup is no easy task — a fact we lonelybranders know first-hand — but as startups become more and more common, more and more services are becoming available to help get them off the ground quickly and easily. The latest of these services is a little site called, […]

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Startup School is in Session with Seth Godin

Aspiring to launch your own startup? There are a few things you should know before taking the big step of launching your product or service. Lucky for you, you can get advice, tips and experience from founder Seth Godin in the form of his new podcast. Recently launched on […]

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5 Last-Minute Ways to Rally Your Networks for Your Cause

The remaining days and hours in a campaign or project can be excruciating. Whether it’s an attempt to secure those last few essential pledges on a KickStarter campaign, or a mad scramble to get those final few votes in an online/social contest like the SMB Challenge, it can be difficult […]

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4 Contests SMB, Startup Owners Should Know

Small businesses have been at the heart of many debates in recent weeks. Although the recession and jobs crisis have made it increasingly more difficult to run a successful small business or launch a startup, more and more brands and offering a helping hand in the form of grants and […]

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The Rise of the Womanpreneur

When you hear the word “entrepreneur,” what image does your mind conjure up? A young, ambitious techie like Mark Zuckerberg? A seasoned vet like Steve Jobs? How about this, did you think of an ambitious young woman? Although women are beginning to establish themselves more and more as business leaders, […]

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5 Must-Have Skills for Employers

On the hunt for a new job in the Windy City? Here’s a bit of insight into what execs are looking for. The folks at the University of Phoenix engaged in a study that took a look at what execs in Chicago, Philadelphia and L.A. are looking for when they […]

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Google Caters to Entrepreneurs With New Initiative

Google for Entrepreneurs marks the launch of a new, major online resource for the startup and entrepreneur community. As Mary Grove, Head of Google for Entrepreneurs, explains, “We want to empower the next generation of entrepreneurs and startups to be successful.” To achieve this, Google for Entrepreneurs is an umbrella […]

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Four Startup Lessons Taught by Rap Songs

This special guest post is sponsored by The Small Business Challenge, a contest giving $50,000 to three small businesses.  As an artistic form, rap music has taught society about life, love, and interesting slang terms for money and illicit activity.  Some rap songs also carry important lessons that lawyers agree […]

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