LaunchAStartup.com Connects Founders, Freelancers

Launching a startup is no easy task — a fact we lonelybranders know first-hand — but as startups become more and more common, more and more services are becoming available to help get them off the ground quickly and easily. The latest of these services is a little site called, appropriately, LaunchAStartup.com.

Currently in beta, LaunchAStartup.com is a marketplace that allows freelancers and founders to connect and help get a startup up and running. Founders can eaily outsource project by posting listings for free that freelancers can respond to directly.

As the LaunchAStartup crew says, they’re working to solve a common problem:

The problem – Outsourcing on sites like eLance & oDesk is often difficult and seldom recommended… Our solution is to create a 1-stop shop for entrepreneurs and simplify the outsourcing process. Help entrepreneurs, freelancers, designers, developers, and more, monetize their skills so they can (a) earn more money and continue bootstrapping their startup (b) grow a consulting business and (c) help others Launch A Startup.

Although the site is currently in private beta, you can get in on the ground floor of the project by subscribing here.

Have you discovered other excellent startups resources that we should know about? Let us know! And if you’re looking to launch your own startup, check out our write up about startup maven Seth Godin’s new podcast, Startup School.