Tech Site Spotlight: Tech.li

If you’re relying solely on Mashable and TechCrunch for your tech news needs, there is a world of information that you’re missing out on. Fortunately, Techli will help you fill that void.

Based in Chicago, like our very own lonelybrand, Techli has devoted itself to covering tech and startup news from all over the country, not just the tech hub of Silicon Valley. They also cover gadgets, medtech news and other geektastic topics.

Techli was founded by Edward Domain, who describes himself as a serial entrepreneur and a chronic early adopter. It’s no surprise that tech startups hold a special place in Techli’s heart, Domain previously worked for various startups in Chicago and Silicon Valley.

Some recently spotlighted startups include Archify — a browser plug-in that captures a more complete log of your browsing history — and Liibook — an online community for writers to publish, showcase and even sell their eBooks. Techli is always looking for new promising startups to cover, and even invites entrepreneurs to contact them about featuring their own startup on the site.

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