Why Your Brand Needs A Style Guide

Style Guide

Writing engaging content is an integral part of marketing and promoting products for your company. To be successful, though, you need to create content that truly reflects your brand vision. By creating an organized, clear and concise style guide, you can make sure that all of your content writing voices become one consistent face for your brand.

The Top Three Reasons for A Style Guide

1. Save Time

Cut your time in half by creating an organized, concise style guide. Begin with expectations that you wish to set for your content writers, and make sure the formatting is easy to navigate and reference when needed. In the long run, this comprehensive guide will save time and resources.

2. Ease Company Growing Pains

Consider your branding style guide as a live document. After you establish the basic formatting and content expectations, the information can always be subject to change as your company grows and molds. Keep in mind that with the turnover of employees and the evolution of your brand’s products, the standards for writing content may change. The good news? Having a strong foundation can help make your company’s transitions easier.

3. Solidify the Voice of Your Company

By creating a coherent style guide, you can bring all of your content writers’ voices together to generate one singular voice that reflects your company’s attributes. A consistent blogging voice will set reader expectations and keep them coming back for more.

Final Thoughts on Style Guides

Generating a style guide will sync your company’s writers with effective and informative content. As you require them to focus on specific company expectations and guidelines, shouldn’t you be accommodating to the writers’ needs as well?¬†A simple solution is to make your style guide both readily available and regularly updated. Instead of having your bloggers sift through thousands of guidelines and rules, generate a digital forum to host writing expectations.

An effective style guide is one of the biggest keys to success in blogging on behalf of a brand. Having a specific foundation with room to grow can ease some of the tensions that come with providing effective feedback to your bloggers. Take out the guesswork in blogging and help them be the voice of your brand.

At the end of the day, remember that a branding style guide will always be a work in progress. Seek advice from your writers as they can sometimes become the best resources for formatting your company’s content.