How to Use Facebook Ad Scheduling

FB ad scheduling

If you don’t normally use Power Editor to schedule your Facebook ads, now may be the time to start. Facebook recently (and somewhat secretly) launched ad scheduling through the Power Editor tool exclusively. The process is similar to dayparting, in which¬†marketers can target messages to be delivered at certain times during the day.

Why is it important to use ad scheduling? People tend to look at different things at different times. You may browse news in the morning, some potential online shopping during your lunch break, and actually make your purchase late at night. Depending on your goals, you may want to test different ads at different times of day, depending on when your audience is most likely to engage and/or purchase.

Facebook ad scheduling

In order to try out Facebook ad scheduling, you’ll have to go to Power Editor first. Facebook will guide you through the process initially. Once you set up or edit your ad set’s budget, select lifetime and you will find the option to schedule your ads at specific times.

Facebook ad scheduling

From there, highlight whichever times you need.

Facebook ad schedulingDepending on your goals and content, you may want to test out different times for different ads. Selecting only certain times may significantly affect the amount of impressions and engagement you receive, so you must select times with a specific strategy in mind.

We will probably see ad scheduling show up in Ads Manager soon enough, but until then, it is very helpful to schedule all of your ads through Power Editor regardless.

Will you be testing ads scheduling for your business? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.