Twitter Introduces Editorialized Tweets

editorialized tweets

In an effort to get more readers to interact with tweets directly from publications, the social network has begun rolling out editorialized tweets to select content publishers like the New York Times. The new format allows content publishers to highlight specific passages and excerpts that readers can then tweet with just a click. It’s meant to take the hassle out of copying pasting preferred excerpts and being limited to only tweet headlines.

editorialized tweets

Although it’s a benefit to avid tweeters, it’s also a benefit to content creators, as it gives them a little more control over what is shared where. Once you get access to the editorialized tweets feature, we’ve got three ways for your brand to use it.


You finally landed an interview with a major industry thought leader and have immortalized it in blog form. Now, make it easy for readers to share the best bits by highlighting particularly insightful or powerful quotes. They’ll attract more eyes and be more interesting than just a headline.


Have you just completed a case study or a white paper? Highlight some of your findings, either in a blog post or a press release. It will help promote your work without giving away too much and causing you to lose potential leads. Plus, statistics tend to translate well into 140 characters.


If you’re launching a contest or a crowdfunding project, highlighting text that will help promote your cause when tweeted will help spread the word without putting the responsibility on the reader/tweeter. Think of it as a mini summary of your project or campaign that can be used to cap off the longer, more detailed post.

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