How to Track Which Companies Are Visiting Your Website by Brand Name

Tracking companies that visit your website can be a challenge, but a new generation of tools may help you close your next big deal.

Sometimes knowing people are visiting your website isn’t enough. If you have a product or service to sell to other companies you may want to know who has been visiting your website. In a world where platforms are increasingly decentralizing website traffic, squeezing every ounce of data out of your owned web properties becomes vital. These visits can be an early indicator of interest or a follow up from other marketing efforts. If you want to find out which companies visit your website there are a few solutions out there.

Leadfeeder tracks company visits to your website with an elegant interface and email integration

Leadfeeder helps you keep track of visitors to your website with an elegant interface and an easy to install setup. Just place a snippet of code on your website and start tracking visitors¬†immediately. If you use website building software like Wix or Weebly it’s even easier – full instructions after you sign up for a free Leadfeeder account. Support is just a chat away, too. The best part? If you use an email client like Constant Contact, you can link email address and full identities to Leadfeeder with a one click integration.

Find Out Who Visits My Website

Set up Google Analytics to show you names of companies visiting your website

While it’s not the easiest and most comprehensive solution, Google Analytics already tracks companies visiting your website. You won’t get the bells and whistles of Leadfeeder like returning visit tracking, pages viewed, and email provider integrations.

See what companies visit your website with Google Analytics

Build your website on a platform that supports company tracking

These days it’s super easy to build a website. Picking a provider that supports tracking is a different story. Platforms like Wix and Weebly both have tracking built in. Simple setup, free trial, and unlimited design options allow you to get moving quickly, which can be critical for small businesses¬†testing the waters of content marketing.

track users with Wix