Three Brands Excelling at CRM

Customer Relationship Management has been a popular topic of late, particularly when a brand fails to resolve issues with customers or fails to be transparent about the way they deal with their customers and their information. Sometimes it’s nice to highlight some brands that are taking the extra step to ensure their customers are happy, even if the brand itself has made a mistake. Here are a few brands that have taken that step.

customer relationship management

delia’s – Primarily catering to teenagers, delia’s makes a point to send out catalogs and email blasts on a regular basis. They even offer advance clearance savings to some of their best customers. But sometimes the site makes it difficult for customers to place orders. This is where their sense of CRM comes in. When the site malfunctions, the company sends an email blast out to all of its registered customers, acknowledging the problem, apologizing for it and then offering to make up for it. Often this includes a coupon code — with a tongue-in-cheek reference to the mishap — that allows users to get a discount on their total order, or a code that gives them free shipping. A much better tactic than denying the problem, don’t you think?

Amazon – The online marketplace giant can’t necessarily be held accountable for its various sellers, but if there is ever an issue with a product being fulfilled by Amazon, the customer is assured they’re covered. I recently placed an ordered that was fulfilled by Amazon and was surprised to receive an email that claimed the package couldn’t be delivered by USPS. The email indicated that the carrier left behind a slip that would allow me to schedule a redelivery (he did not), but that I could also do it with the links and tracking numbers they had provided. I wasn’t happy to receive the email, but the fact that Amazon made it so easy to reschedule and resolve saved me a headache and time.

customer relationship management

Fab.com – We’ve taken a look at Fab’s social shopping aspect, and have to admit we’re fans of the service. One reason why is because of the site’s frequent incentives for members. Members are often rewarded with credits that can be redeemed and put towards future purchases. Members can also redeem more credits by recommending their purchases to others who will also buy them. And every package comes with a thank you note, making the transaction ever more personal.

Fab.com sends nice thank you card 2

Do you know of some other brands that are making their relationships with their customers their top priority?