Shop with Your Facebook Friends on Fab.com

You know Fab.com as the tragically hip flash deal site that specializes in design-centric goodies for you and your home. Founded in 2010, the company is widely applauded for its innovative social approach and explosive growth, and it looks like they’re looking to keep up that reputation. Starting this week, the guys behind Fab.com are upping the social shopping ante.
Fab.com screenshot, shop with your Facebook friends

According to Jason Goldberg, founder and CEO at Fab.com, version 3.0 is “a major release of new features and benefits designed to further position Fab as the best place to browse, discover and shop with friends.”

Fab.com screenshot, shop with your Facebook friends

The announcement on Goldberg’s blog describes the update as the next step in “reinvention of social shopping.” Last December they introduced the Fab Live Feed, basically a live stream of what all of Fab’s members are buying, faving and sharing. Big deal, right? Evidently so – it turns out that 15% of all visits to the live feed result in a purchase, while only 5% of Fab’s member visits result in a purchase. In other words, Fab’s Live Feed makes users three times likelier to purchase.

With the latest updates, they’ve taken that live feed one step further, allowing members to filter the live feed to only see which products their Facebook friends are interacting with on Fab.com. The feed also now includes a “Buy Now” button so you can purchase directly from the stream rather than searching for the product.

The team has also moved to further integrate Pinterest into the Fab.com experience. “Oh, and sorry Google Plus,” writes Goldberg, “but you’ve been replaced with Pinterest on Fab.” Clearly it’s a decision that makes sense for the brand; while Google Plus seems to be working for electronics companies, Pinterest is right up Fab.com’s alley – and they’ve got the stats to back up that decision. Even before having Pinterest icons on their site, Fab generated 2% of its daily traffic from Pinterest.

We think Fab.com is taking a step in the right direction with these visual and social-friendly features. What do you think?