The Power of Social Trust in Online Purchases

As more and more e-tailers embrace the idea social shopping, it raises the question of “How many consumers rely on the opinions and recommendations of others before making a purchase?” As it turns out, it’s the vast majority.

A recent study conducted by Friendize.me found that 82% of participants consult family members or friends at least “sometimes” before buying new products and services. Although only 8% value their friend/family member’s opinion most of all, an incredible 48% value it highly. Even more telling, 85% of participants said they would rather listen to a friend than an expert or celebrity they’ve never met.

Although most people still look for advice in person, e-mail, Facebook and other social outlets have become very common outlets for recommendations. And e-tailers are recognizing the influence friends can have on other friends’ purchases. Fab.com and Amazon have rolled out features that allow users to shop according to recommendations and purchases made by friends. This isn’t surprising, considering 71% of people are at least “likely” to make online purchases based on products and services reviewed by a friend.

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