The Art of Creating Effective, Attractive Customer Case Studies

customer case sudies

Presentations, webinars, blogs and white papers all immediately come to mind when someone mentions content marketing for B2B brands, but what about customer case studies? They’re easy to overlook because they can require a lot of time and effort to put together, especially when they need testimonials from clients. Although they can seem intimidating, they’re well worth the work involved. When the CMO Council recently researched B2B content marketing, 48% of B2Bers surveyed said that they trusted customer case studies. Are you taking the right steps to create effective, attractive case studies for your brand? Check out the tips below for some inspiration and help.

Make sure it’s easy to read.

Papers filled with block after block of text are intimidating and unattractive. You want to get your information across, but the challenge is finding an effective way to do it. Include visuals when you can to help break up the text. You can also adjust the text layout to make it easier to read and follow. You might also want to consider making a one-sheet version of the study, highlighting the most important points of the client and the study.

Make sure it’s easy to search.

Not every case study is going to be relevant for every reader. Potential customers and clients might be looking for a situation that mirrors their own, so help them find it. Make your case studies page easy to search or navigate so that studies are browsable according to industry, size, location and needs.

Remember SEO.

Your blogs are search engine optimized, and your case studies should be, too. If the study is only available to read via a download, make sure that the landing page itself is optimized, with the title, URL and description all including the client or customer name and the phrase “case study.”

If appropriate, incorporate video.

Depending on your industry and your product, it might be more appropriate for you to create a video version of a case study. Video is overtaking text-based content in the B2B content marketing space, so this could be a good time to start exploring the possibility of video case studies with the rest of your team.

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