Survey Finds Many Marketers Don’t Have a Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing has become an even more valuable tactic for marketers. Effective content marketing can lead to audience engagement, lead gen, sales and building a larger audience for brands. Although the majority of B2B marketers are looking to improve engagement and and lead gen, a survey by Pardot.com suggests that marketers aren’t creating a content plan that could help them achieve both of these goals.

In Pardot’s survey, in-house marketers overwhelmingly agreed that content will continue to become more and more important.

Unfortunately, the majority of these in-house marketers are not prepared for the rise of content, as many do not currently have a content plan in place.

This unpreparedness is also reflected in the increase of “content marketing” online searches.

So, what steps can marketers take to begin building their content marketing plan? Develop an editorial calendar that will bring quality traffic to your blog and will give readers material to share. Plot your own path on the blogger’s roadmap, or learn more with our Content Marketing materials.