Go Green with These St. Paddy’s Day Promo Ideas

chicago river banner

It’s coming soon, the day we add the color green to our beer, river and wardrobe. No matter their background, all St. Paddy’s partiers are Irish for a day, making St. Patrick’s Day a perfect time to hold a promotion. If you find you’re still strapped for ideas following the holidays, though, find some St. Patrick’s Day promo inspiration in the ideas below.

Play off the theme of luck.


Embrace the luck of the Irish for your promotion. For example, using a tool like Offerpop you could encourage fans to submit photos of themselves decked out in their St. Paddy’s Day green. A randomly selected winner (with the luck of the Irish on their side) could then be selected to receive a discount, gift card or free product on St. Paddy’s Day. Alternatively, you could play off the idea of turning bad luck into good luck or giving customers the chance to spread good luck and good luck charms to their loved ones.

Play with the notion of a happy hour.


Even if you’re not a bar, pub or restaurant, you can still play off the theme of a happy hour. Stage a St. Paddy’s Day Happy Hour flash sale on your site, offering discounts, gifts with purchase other goodies. Since the festivities will begin Friday, March 14th and roll through Monday the 17th, you could stage two separate happy hour events to take appeal to the 9-5 crowd.

Think spring!

Bank Brand Ad

If St. Paddy’s Day just doesn’t make sense as a promotion for your brand, go green and think spring instead. The first day of spring falls on Thursday, March 20th, so play off that theme instead. Appeal to fans and customers who might be gearing up for some spring cleaning and hold a flash sale to stock up their newly clean and empty closets and shelves.

Whatever promotions you choose, just remember that it’s St. Paddy’s Day, not St. Patty’s Day.

Image of the Chicago River dyed green via Mike Boehmer/Wikimedia Commons