There’s an App for That: Square

Today we’ll cover an app called Square, which enables users to take payments on the go without having to lug around a credit card terminal or hang up one of those dreaded “Cash Only” signs. Square has no contract, no monthly fees, and no merchant account is required. When you download Square, you receive a free Square credit card reader in the mail that plugs right into your phone, and within minutes of downloading the app, you’re ready to take payments.This app can be used with the iPhone, iTouch and iPad (iOS4 or later) as well as the Droid (2.1 or up).

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Revolutionary? Yep.

Square is indeed one of those revolutionary apps we’ve talked about. Mobile marketing is tricky, right? Nope – not when you create a service that allows business owners to take their products on the go and accept payments quickly and securely as they never could before. If you give a business the tools they need to increase revenue and make their lives easier, there’s no doubt that they will remember your name.