Social Recommendations Drive Women To Purchase

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Women yield some serious power when it comes to product sales. Not only are we responsible for 75-85% of all consumer purchases, we’re also a dominant demographic on mobile social media, most notably on rising networks like Pinterest. The question remains: how do these data points intertwine to drive purchasing behavior?

In March of 2012, female blogging network BlogHer released a report on the topic called “Women and Social Media 2012.” With a network of 3,000 bloggers who receive a combined 40 million unique pageviews per month, BlogHer knows a thing or two about women and digital media.

BlogHer’s research shows that digital assets are becoming an inseparable part of the purchasing process for women. Blogs lead the way in the online influence realm, as 61% of women have gone on to purchase a product based on a recommendation seen on a blog. Another 47% have made a purchase based on Pinterest recommendations – adding more fuel to the argument that Pinterest drives conversions. Last but not least, Facebook and Twitter recommendations have led to purchases by 33% and 31% of female users, respectively.

Social Media Recommendations

Is your company using social media to target women in the 2012 holiday shopping season? Which networks are you turning to?