Social Media Strategy for Teens (and 3 Brands That Have it Down)

social media strategy for teens

Having teens as your target consumer and audience across social media can complicate matters a little. The content you’d share with an older audience isn’t always appropriate or applicable, yet they’re not so young that they’re nonexistent on social media. How do you create a social media strategy for teens that is appropriate but also entertaining and engaging? We took a look at Clearasil, Claire’s and delia’s to see how they’re accomplishing just that.

Teen-Friendly Memes

social media strategy for teens

Memes can be tricky territory. Even ones that start out innocently enough can quickly turn inappropriate or even offensive if enough people take them on. Clearasil steers clear of the controversial material by creating their own kinds of memes that revolve around teen and school life. They’re general and mild, but they’re still cute and relatable and get positive responses from fans.

‘Get the Look’ Lists

social media strategy for teens

Recreating your favorite looks from magazines and celebrities is a lot easier if you’re given all the elements you need, and brands like Claire’s and delia’s recognize that. They identify trends and create and recreate popular looks using their own products. By putting the look together and giving the fans an occasion to wear it, they inspire them to make the purchase.

Confidence Boosters

social media strategy for teens

When you’re a teen in high school, you’re trying to find your identity while also dealing with peer pressure and bullying. The brands that are targeted to teens realize that and spend a good deal of their time on social media creating shareable confidence boosters for their fans. They serve as positive reinforcements, are likable and are perfect for the brands’ fans to share with their friends across the social space.

These three aren’t the only brands doing well in the social space. Staples has very successfully turned the world of office supplies into entertaining and engaging Facebook content.