Staples’ Social Media Strategy Gives the Office New Life

staples social media

Office merchandise might seem like it doesn’t lend itself well to the visual nature of social media, but Staples’ social media accounts prove that school supplies and tape dispensers can actually make for shareable, likable content.

Original Memes

staples social media

Memes are already everywhere, but Staples is using its office-centric POV to create memes that 9-5ers can especially relate to. From photo memes to creating a formula for determining office nicknames, the emphasis on originality of content makes an impact and help it stand out from the Scumbag Steves of the Internet. It takes the inappropriate content that workers might share on their lunch hour and makes it more appropriate for the office.

Clever Videos

staples social media

Some brands have figured out the art of short-form video, and others haven’t. Staples definitely has. The screencaps above are from a video featuring cupcake shaped tape dispensers heralding in the back-to-school season, and follows the “making” of these tasty-looking desk necessities. Highlighting specific products in a way that is cute, clever and interesting makes more sense than just re-sharing TV commercials across social networks, and it resonates more with viewers.

Focus on User-Generated Content

staples social media

We know user-generated content is a great thing, and Staples puts it front and center. They issued a call for customers to take a pic of their Staples school supplies that the team can then use for the brand’s Facebook cover photo. Even the call for content itself encourages contributors to come back to the page again and again to check and see if their picture is on display.

Creative Contests

staples social media

Social contests can be great ways to drive engagement, but they can become boring pretty quickly. Staples is breathing new life into the tactic, though, with their Guess the School Supply Giveaway. Not only does the contest highlight Staples products, it’s also more unique than a photo submission contest and easier for contestants to participate in.

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