Crafting a Social Media Strategy for Kids Brands

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Forming a social media strategy seems simple enough: identify your target audience and then create content to engage them. But what happens when you have to form a social media strategy for kids and tweens? They’re not an audience you can directly connect with on social media, but there are tactics you can note and use to reach them and get their feedback. Take a look at some examples from LEGO, LEGO DUPLO, American Girl and Justice below.

Marketing to Parents

marketing to parents

Since the customers these brands are really appealing to aren’t old enough to be online, they have to rely on the fact that they can market to their parents who are already on Facebook. Brands like American Girl and LEGO use their social accounts to appeal to parents on behalf of the kids. They feature products and specials that the kids would love and spur parents to either purchase or tune in to them.

Appealing to Grandparents


Of course, it’s not just parents buying toys and taking care of the kids; grandparents are also often very involved. LEGO DUPLO recognizes that and appeals to grandparents by highlighting their Play Line which caters to grandparents. American Girl also serves as a bridge between grandchild and grandparent by giving parents gift and activity ideas that all can share and bond over.

Helping Parents

parent advice

Tips and tricks are always welcome, so brands appealing to kids and tweens often feature resources parents can come back to time and time again. Whether it’s a simple ‘hack’ like using LEGOs to measure your kids, or sharing books that will help teach manners and deal with social pressures.

Highlighting Kids and Their Input

kid input

Last but not least, kids get involved…to an extent. By appealing to their parents, brands can get input on which looks are popular, which products kids are looking forward to the most, and even pictures of kids with their products in action. They can gather valuable feedback while also seeing and highlighting some of their biggest fans in a safe space.

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