Social Film ‘The Beauty Inside’ Defiantly Engages Facebook Users

Intel & Toshiba present ‘The Beauty Inside’, a global social film by Drake Doremus that fully utilizes social media in a notable way.

Content is created by the audience in what is being dubbed “Social Hollywood” with the entire story underscored by the Facebook community.

The main character is Alex, a twenty-something year old Los Angeles resident male antique restorer who lives a fascinating life through the physical disguise of others. Alex has a rare condition where each day he wakes up looking like someone else but is still the same person underneath.

Facebook users are encouraged to try out for the role of Alex using a unique online-only audition process. If you’re camera shy but still want in on the fun, photo submissions are also welcomed to appear. Auditions are being held now through September 13th. Alex also posts regularly to the film’s Facebook timeline, allowing users to interact with him and share his experiences.

Does the Idea Work?: Consumer Engagement

This is a classic example of product placement that meets modern day technology and targets consumers exactly where they are: online social communities. Studies show that a Facebook brand page is worthy of pursuit though fan engagement can sometimes be tricky. Rather than offering consumers a discount or deal, Intel and Toshiba offer the chance to be a “star” and to be part of what seems more like an ongoing inventive art project and less of an ad. As these consumers engage with and become Alex, the brands in turn will receive more shares, likes, and traffic.

The Beauty Inside series will culminate over the course of six weeks, featuring a new episode each week. All episodes are viewable directly on the film’s Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/thebeautyinsidefilm.

Check out the show’s trailer here:


Will you follow as the story unfolds? Or are you considering taking on the lead role as Alex? Share your thoughts below. If you’re curious how other brands are engaging consumers on Facebook, check out our coverage of the top brands on Facebook and Google+.