Share Your Expertise & Bolster Your Reputation with Google Helpouts


Need one-on-one tutoring, coaching or advice from an expert? Would you prefer to get it via video? Google has just the solution.

With Google Helpouts, users can find one-on-one help from experts in a variety of locations and categories. Although the web app and the Android app have been around for a year, the Helpouts app has finally made its way to iOS devices, making it even more convenient and accessible to more potential users.


Naturally, users looking for advice will be quick to embrace the app, but if you and your team consider yourselves to be experts on one or many subjects,  you should seriously consider adding the app to you digital marketing toolbox. Why?

Further opportunities to cement yourself as an expert.

You know you’re an expert in your field, but the industry as a whole (or customers you’re trying to reach) might not. Using Helpouts as a way to offer your specific services to those who need them can help prove your expertise and help establish you as a thought leader in your community.

The ease of Hangouts with more convenience.

Hangouts are great — they offer a great combination of video and chat, while also giving users the ability to watch everything after the fact. What can make them a bit of a pain, though, is the time that has to be set aside (especially if you only get a small audience turnout). With Helpouts, you get all the benefits of Hangouts, but with the added assurance that 1) the user is more likely to show up and 2) you can schedule it according to your needs. If you’re available for an hour a day to chat, great! If not, being able to schedule a one-on-one session will ensure that you set aside time, when you can, to help educate and inform users.

The potential to expand your customer base.

Much like content marketing, you’re not putting all the emphasis on selling your brand’s services or products. Instead, you’re “selling” your wisdom and knowledge, proving that you’re an expert in your industry, and providing evidence that could potentially turn a user into a paying customer. Being able to demonstrate your knowledge free of charge will help you begin to build a brand-customer relationship from the very beginning. The reviews and ratings will also help sell your potential new customer on your services before they even schedule a Helpout session with you.