Quora Introduces “Stats,” an Analytics Tool for Writers

quora stats

It’s no secret that all of us at lonelybrand are Quora fans. We’ve seen firsthand how the network can spark ideas for content creation, help build thought leadership, and even spark lead generation. Although Quora writers were previously able to see how many upvotes their contributions received, Quora has now unveiled more in-depth analytics to help writers better understand their Quora influence. It’s called Stats.

quora stats

Quora’s Stats allow writers to view their all time stats, stats from the last three months, stats from the last 30 days and stats from the last seven days. They can also view their top-performing questions and answers, along with the views, upvotes and shares that each has received.

Yes, it’s great to see your influence on Quora, but how can you use the data from Stats to help your brand?

Identify your areas of expertise.

There are probably some subjects and areas where you’ve gained more visibility and upvotes than others. Use Stats to determine what they are and then focus your answering efforts there. You can also review the number of Quora credits others must pay your when they ask you to answer a question. If you seem to be in demand, it might be time to raise your price a little.

Spur content ideas.

Did you provide an answer that has gotten a lot of traction, in terms of bother shares and upvotes? Use that to create a related branded blog post, whitepaper or presentation. Reclaim your knowledge and expertise and use it to promote your brand.

Share with colleagues and clients.

Did you answer a question particularly well that comes up often, either in conversations with colleagues or clients? Use your answer as a way to answer it when it comes up. You’ll show you know what you’re talking about, and you’ll also show that others recognize your expertise in this given area.

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