Promote Your Landscaping & Garden Design Business with Digital Marketing


Your landscaping business has a great name in the surrounding neighbourhood and you advertise regularly in local press. Despite this, the number of sales enquiries and potential customers getting in touch with your business seems to be dropping noticeably over recent years. Do you have worries like this? One great way of getting your garden design and landscape business into the public eye is regular digital marketing. Building your online brand is about more than simple advertising.

Set up a blog.

One  way to promote your landscape company is to set up a business blog. Plan on adding relevant content and articles regularly. Advice on DIY landscaping, garden design, types of architectural plantings and general gardening tips creates brand awareness in the mind of the consumer and recognition that your company is one of the leading landscape garden contractors. Your blog should be linked to your business website, with blog content linked back to relevant sections within your static website. A proactive marketing ploy such as this can pay dividends over time. You’ll attract the type of readers who already have interests in garden design and landscape techniques, so when they need landscaping works they will automatically think of your business. Excellent market techniques such as this can really boost your local business reputation, leading to numerous word of mouth recommendations that become genuine landscape or design projects.

Create a newsletter.

Another common digital marketing strategy is to create a regular e-newsletter. Your contacts database should be updated regularly and should include past and current customers, as well as your fans from your social accounts. Special offers with time limitations are a great way to boost sales at slack times of the year, so take advantage of every e-newsletter by offering some form of incentive that could increase sales.

Emphasize imagery.

Imagery will be a crucial factor in generating consumer interest. Regularly posting photographs of your completed landscaped designs demonstrates the professionalism and skill you provide. Combining a variety of images with interesting content that gives value to the reader is a great way to grow your local business brand and use of social media networks, such as Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest, with guest postings to local gardening or landscape blogs will raise your profile immensely.

Setting up a strategic promotional and digital marketing initiative will enhance your local business reputation and lead to increased sales enquiries and orders.