Tap Into Evergreen Content Analytics with Pocket for Publishers

Pocket for Publishers

Is “save it for later” the future of content consumption? Companies like Pocket, Instapaper and Evernote would certainly like to think so. And considering that Pocket clocks in at 8.5 million users, they just might be onto something. But what does that mean for publishers?

According to Google Analytics, Pocket accounts for about .04% of our total site visits in 2013. But that traffic from Pocket is only one piece of the puzzle. How many people actually “pocketed” each article? Did they come back and read it later, or did it lie dormant in their queue for months on end? Fortunately, the folks behind Pocket recognized the value this data holds to publishers and set out to provide some answers.

Earlier this week Pocket introduced Pocket for Publishers, a dashboard that lets content producers tap into the  analytics behind those previously elusive “read it later” saves.

Pocket Stats

With this free resource, publishers can look at Saved Rank, which orders your content according to the number of times it’s been saved by users. Even more valuable is Impact Rank, a proprietary metric from Pocket that measures loyalty and quality of content. Last but not least, if you have multiple authors, you’re able to look at both of these metrics through the author lens: which writers yield the most saves or reopens? Cool to look at? You bet. But more importantly, these analytics help publishers find out which content

The update also includes a few features that are visible to users. First off, you can now include the “Save to Pocket” button on your content right along with the rest of your social buttons (check ours out to the right). Pocket also introduced the ability to add custom footers to your content as users view it within their app. For example, you could invite users to check out related content or sign up for your newsletter. Footer click-through rates are trackable through the analytics dashboard.

Images from getpocket.com/blog