Pinterest Scares Up Content With Halloween Pin Picks



In the last few years, Pinterest has positioned itself as one of the Internet’s primary portals for content curation. However, the majority of the curation that occurs on Pinterest is user-generated. With Pin Picks, Pinterest is aggressively moving into the business of curating content itself and partnering with some big-name brands to make Pin Picks as successful as possible.


What are Pin Picks?

Pinterest has curated its own pin-boards for a long time. A few months ago, they launched Pin Picks as a more refined version of their existing company curated pin-boards. As Halloween approaches, they’ve taken Pin Picks a step further, curating Halloween content from content partners including:


-Comedy video website FunnyOrDie

-YouTube fashion personality Michelle Phan

-Cracked Magazine


The content is based around Halloween prep- Halloween related videos, costuming and decoration how-tos, and of course, recipes. Halloween is one of the key seasons for Pinterest as users look for tips on costumes to buy, or make, and themed recipes for holiday parties. Each week in October will have a different theme including “Superheroes and Villains” and (of course) “Horror.”


Pin Picks creates a good entry-point for new Pinterest users who may feel lost on the site’s sea of pins. It also creates a place for brands to have an access-point to these new users. Plus, Halloween is one of the most popular times of the year on the site as users look for Halloween DIY projects. Also, in the future, Pin Picks may provide Pinterest with a valuable source of revenue as brands line up to pay to be featured.


Content curation will be key to Pinterest’s continued success. Pinterest is already one of the most successful social networks for converting customers online. By making itself an even more essential content portal, Pinterest will make itself even more attractive to content producers and ad-buyers while enhancing its overall user experience.


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