Pinterest For Guys? Gentlemint Takes On The Challenge


Pinterest has been dominating web dialogue lately, with marketers, brands and fans alike gushing over its success, its design and its exponential increase in users (including ustwice). Although users of all ages and sexes are invited to make their own boards, it’s been noted that Pinterest seems to be most popular with 20-something females. The guys over at Gentlemint seem to have taken note of this and are offering a manly alternative with the same aesthetic. But is it enough to rival the almighty Pin?

Created by Glen Stansberry and Brian McKinney, Gentlemint debuted in late 2011 as an attempt to craft a “manly social site.” The pair dedicated 12 hours to putting the basics of the site together, using a design that they felt was simple and just got the job done, and the site immediately went live. Before long, it was referenced on several well-known tech sites, and now it, like Pinterest, it’s facing a seemingly never-ending list of users waiting to be approved for the site.


So, what does “one of the more manly websites on the planet” have that distinguishes it from the competition? Well, for one, it seems to have a lot more Ron Swanson. The “Parks and Rec” favorite seems to dominate many of the posts, along with other manly items like pizza-flavored beer and a guitar in the shape of the Millennium Falcon. Its design is very similar to Pinterest, and just like Pinterest – and the legions of copycat sites – Gentlemint allows users to post photos and links to their favorite items for others to like, comment on and share. It also allows women to join, but be warned: If you decide to post a non-manly item, it may not last for very long.

gentlemintWhat it doesn’t seem to have on its side is a large user base, at least not at the moment. Although Gentlemint gives male-focused brands an opportunity to reach potential customers, the difference in amount of users is so staggering that brands would do better to simply stick with the gender-inclusive Pinterest, rather than concentrate their efforts on Gentlemint. Even an average user will, likely, get more views and followers from pinning their photo on Pinterest.

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