Pinchit 101 for Local Brand Marketers

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The Pinterest-inspired scrapbook sites just keep coming. The latest board-boasting contender, however, may offer some extra incentive for brand marketers in certain industries to at least give it a second look. It’s called Pinchit.

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What is Pinchit?

This hyperlocal site focuses on tastemakers curating lists of events, activities and places to see in any given city. Restaurants, festivals and shopping destinations are just a few of the places covered and included in themed scrapbooks. Instead of focusing on makeup tips or recipes like you might find on Pinterest, Pinchit is focused completely on building lists of experiences — getting people out there and doing local events and patronizing local businesses. Topics include nightlife, health, music and fitness.

How can I create a scrapbook?

Like Pinterest, Pinchit allows users to ‘pinch’ items either through the ‘pinch’ button or through the site itself. It scours the site and uses the images on the page to generate an image for the pinch itself (like Pinterest). It also allows users to tag locations, suggest it to friends, add dates, add a city and add their own description in addition to the one the business provides.

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How can brand marketers use this?

Just like Pinterest (or any other social network, for that matter), Pinchit is not a good fit for every brand. For some brands, though, it could be a fun asset as a source of lists that could be shared in many social settings. Event planners and travel agencies would clearly benefit from being able to curate local activity and event tours and lists, but many customer-facing local businesses could benefit from creating fun, inherently shareable material.

Curating a list that you audience would turn to again and again makes for effective content marketing, and it makes your brand seem more personal. Give it a shot by creating a holiday and special occasion themed activity scrapbooks and then sharing it across your social networks (and even your blog).