Donate Now: Non-Profit To-Dos for the New Year


2013 presented many new opportunities for non-profit and charitable organizations to grow their digital following. Now, with all of 2014 ahead of us, non-profit organizations that may have failed to meet their goals in the last year have the opportunity to get back on track. We’ve compiled a list of non-profit to-dos that will give you a good head start on your strategy for the new year.

Implement the Facebook donate button/donation tab

One of the biggest trends predicted for non-profits in 2013 was the monetization of Facebook, and with the introduction of the ‘donate’ button, Facebook has made it even easier. If you’re eligible to have a ‘donate’ button installed on your organization’s Facebook page, learn how to apply here. If not, look into creating a ‘donate’ tab on your profile itself. Make it easier for your supporters to donate to your cause, and they will follow through on it.

Implement an email marketing strategy (that is also mobile friendly)

Getting in touch with your supporters on a handful of times a year during pledge or donation drives does nothing to build your relationship. More than that, it makes your supporters think that you only care to reach out when you want something from them. Build out that relationship by creating a new marketing strategy. A weekly email might not work for your brand, but find a frequency (and subject matter) that does and stick with it. It could be a roundup of organization news, events, or even upcoming drives and volunteer opportunities. Whatever it is, develop a plan and be consistent with it.

Get the volunteer word out (and make applying easy)

Getting a regular social media and email posting routine down will give you the opportunity to make connections with new potential donors AND volunteers. Use this to your advantage. Create an easy-to-use method for volunteers to apply. Although downloadable pdfs might work well on your site and via email, your Facebook audience members might find a built-in Facebook app the easiest and quickest way to apply. keep that in mind and create a system that takes advantage of the platform.

Of course, if you don’t already have a social strategy in place for your non-profit, now is the time to develop it. Need some guidance? Check out these great examples from major non-profit brands.