For NIVEA, a Picture’s Worth a Résumé


We’ve heard about people landing (and losing) jobs via the wonderful world of social media, but NIVEA may have taken the recruitment process to a new level with its #interngram campaign. With a dedicated tumblr and Instagram, NIVEA challenged users with the opportunity to win one of three internship positions in Europe. Yes, there were a list of requirements, including the ability to speak more than one language and an intense passion for all things social, but the biggest challenged issued to potential interns was this — take a photo or video.


Prospective interns were challenged to illustrate their creativity, show their confidence or prove their pace in the form of either an Instagrammed photo or video. Applicants were required to tag their submission with #interngram and #nivea in order to be considered, and all submissions were added to the Interngram Instagram feed and tumblr page. Applicants also had to follow the NIVEA accounts in order for the judges to get in touch with them (Instagram Direct, anyone?).

No winners have been publicly announced, but the dozens of submissions housed on the tumblr and Instagram accounts illustrate how successful the challenge was. Which leads us to wonder, is this a step that more and more social media-minded brands will be taking in their recruitment processes? Will the recruitment process continue to get more creative and less traditional, or will it remain a novelty reserved for ‘cool’ brands? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!